Summer almost over

Gepubliceerd op 16 augustus 2018 18:46

almost over.
even within the clan, people were still on holiday. It was quiet in the clan, and yet again not. the clan is growing steadily and at the time of writing we have 53 members. there are a few members away, but there are more members, many already active members, and that does us good.

We also see more and more improvement during the fighting, and the best part is that it is often a lot of fun. Until now we only played tier 6 fights, we want to change that. So we start with tier 8 fights in Sept. So we get two different battles in the weeks tier 6 and tier 8. It will be quite tricky at first and getting used to tying our bouts with tier 8, but we will be able to win battles there as well. .
As you know, we are an international clan and we see that within the clan with Britte, Belgians, French and Dutch of course.
It is very nice to see that our foreign friends like to come to our clan because it is so nice.
We have also been asked by a British clan if we can play training games with them. and this to make it better for everyone. we will investigate this further whether it is feasible. we must of course have people who want to participate. this is still being prosecuted.
further I wish you good battles and let the best win.


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